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Concept: a Mac Pro 2017 touchscreen (with Multi-Touch screen)


Posted: January 13 2017
Updated: January 13, 2017

by Martin

A few days ago, we presented you the very first concept of the chain Youtube French Apple Designer (read: iPhone 8: a concept with the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro 2016). The latter has just posted its second creation, a Mac Pro 2017 with Multi-Touch screen.

With this concept of Mac Pro, we imagined Apple’s response to the latest Microsoft Surface Studio. This concept combines the power of a Mac Pro with the flexibility of a graphics tablet.

Mac Pro 2017 Concept - Concept: a Mac Pro 2017 touchscreen (with Multi-Touch screen)

The hinge is inspired by the iMac G4 which made it possible to move the screen with one finger effortlessly which, combined with a Multi-Touch screen, would replace a Wacom type graphic tablet much used in the professional world. Of course, such a concept would only be possible if the professional tools used by graphic designers like the Adobe suite were adapted to the possibilities of Multi-Touch.

Software designed for a Multi-Touch interface, a powerful hardware configuration and the stability of Mac OS could allow Apple to satisfy the graphic designers who are waiting for the renewal of the Mac Pro.