Comparison of photos from iPhone 2G to iPhone 5

comparaison photos iPhone - Comparaison des photos de l

Professional photographer Lisa Bettany had the good idea to compare identical photographs between all generations of iPhone from the iPhone 2G to the current iPhone 5.

Of course, it is the current model of the Apple smartphone that wins this comparison, but it is interesting to note the evolution of the sensors and the quality of the pictures over time.

iPhone photo comparison - Compare photos from iPhone 2G to iPhone 5

At the sight of this first image, we observe that the most glaring difference is that between theiPhone 3G and theiPhone 3GS from a macro point of view, since we go from an extremely blurred rendering to a much sharper photo.

iphone guitar photo comparison - Comparison of photos from iPhone 2G to iPhone 5

Then, the evolution between the cameras remains minimal and only concerns the precision of the details and the colors between the shots. According to Lisa, the iPhone 5 is the most faithful thanks to better white balance, better saturation and better contrast.

photo comparison iphone skyline - Comparison of photos from iPhone 2G to iPhone 5

No doubt the iPhone 5S is its so-called 12 megapixel camera with an improved flash is not even better in this comparison, especially with the relatively dark photos. Find all the photos of this fun experience on this article.