Companion Freebox – My Freebox

Companion Freebox - My Freebox

With version 2.0 of the Freebox Revolution firmware, the Internet service provider modifies the management interface of the box for the named Freebox OS. In parallel, Free launched the application Companion Freebox – My Freebox for Android to access the server from your smartphone or tablet.

The application offers the possibility of taking advantage of the services offered by the server. You will be able to consult the call log, manage file downloads or even synchronize photos from your smartphone with the hard drive of your Freebox. Like a cloud, it is also possible to consult the files and media present on your box.

Freebox Companion also offers a parental control function to manage access to the various terminals connected to the Freebox network. The user is also able to monitor the status of his box and the Internet connection in real time.

Responsive and easy to use, this application is quick to use and will act as a personal cloud.