Coming Soon PowerBeats Sports Wireless Headphones?

Coming Soon PowerBeats Sports Wireless Headphones?

iphone beatsBeats is expected to announce new Wireless PowerBeats Sports Earbuds. Currently, Powerbeats Sport already connect wirelessly to the transmitter.

Where is the novelty you will say to me? Well, according to CNET, one of their source (credible) provides that the new connectors would no longer be interconnected by a wire and would be equipped with the chip H1, which would allow a faster switch between devices.

This would make sense to the extent o in spring 2016, just after the release of the AirPods, Beats had announced new earphones, the BeatsX, which incorporated the latest W1 chip. To that, would add the support of Dis Siri as the AirPods and improved autonomy for calls.

This range should delight people who find the AirPods too fragile or unsuitable their activities thanks to the water resistance but also to audiophiles fond of deep bass

Price and date of PowerBeats 2?

Still according to CNET, these Powerbeats Sport should be released in April and their price to be in the 180. People interested?

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