Comex is working on a Cydia Substrate alternative

Comex is working on a Cydia Substrate alternative

Better known by his pseudonym Comex, Nicholas Allegra is the author of the JailbreakMe jailbreak solution for iPhone and iPad. A solution whose development ended in the summer of 2011 but which had left its mark on its simplicity.

Since then, this hacker has gone through internships at Apple or Google and seemed to have distanced himself from the jailbreak scene of iOS. Surprise, Comex is working on the development of Substitute presented as a replacement for Cydia Substrate.

cydiaFormerly Mobile Substrate, Cydia Substrate is the platform of the hacker Saurik (Jay Freeman of his real name) aimed at facilitating the development of tweaks for jailbroken iOS terminals. With Substitute, Comex is targeting an open source alternative currently in a very preliminary version. Not even in the alpha stage yet.

This work is carried out in collaboration with iMods whose ambition is to launch a competitor … at the Cydia store. On GitHub where the Substitute project is hosted, Comex explains that it embarked on this adventure because the iMods team asked it to.

It also evokes the spirit of jailbreaking which for him must combine with open source. An inevitable consequence is that it will create competition for Cydia. Strangely, Comex writes that with all due respect to iMods: " I don't think it will supplant Cydia, not in the near future or in its current form. "

In a post entitled "competition versus the community", Saurik writes:

"I am not just a showcase. However, if you are competing with me, you are not only indirectly affecting my interest in continuing to work in the community, but directly affecting my ability to spend time doing it. "

This promises …