ColorWare offers Pro AirPods of all colors

ColorWare offers Pro AirPods of all colors

airpods pro icon isoft.pngThe AirPods Pro tempt you but the white you flinch, the accessory ColorWare has just added the new model its catalog. Remember, the American company made itself known by offering the customization of Apple accessories such as AirPods. You can choose the color of each element to have a unique copy that looks like you.

This time, it's the AirPods Pro that offer new possibilities.

airpods pro black color

Change the color of AirPods Pro, it's possible

Regardless of the model of callers, the principle remains the same. We choose independently the color of each AirPod, then that of the box and possibly a personalized message engrave on it. To you the colors red, yellow, pink, blue, green, gray, black and other, either brilliant or matte. And each time, several shades possible.

If it makes a lot of sense, there are two bolsters:

  • the price soars as you have to count $ 439 for painted AirPods Pro
  • it is impossible to have your own dresses repainted, you have to buy the product directly from ColoWare

If you're interested, visit ColorWare! Be aware that after our tests, the shipping costs are $ 32 on Paris.

Here are some examples of what you can do with the 64 colors available:

airpods pro color red yellowairpods pro pink color