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Color Design

With Color Design of TollensFinding the right paint color from a photo or the brand’s color charts is child’s play.

When decorating, finding the right paint color and the right harmony is sometimes a challenge. Free mobile applications in the field are rather rare on Android. Let us quote for example Sico color lab, which is only present in Canada, however. With Color Design of Tollens, a renowned paint manufacturer in France and the Benelux, finding the right paint color will no longer be a problem.

The application offers several interesting features. First of all, it will be possible, from a photo, to find the color correspondence among the manufacturer’s color charts. For this, nothing could be simpler, just take a photo or choose a previously recorded one and point to an area to find the desired color.

Once the reference is identified, the application can also suggest suitable color harmonies and save everything to favorites. It is also possible to consult all of the brand’s eight color charts directly.

Once the color has been chosen, the application proposes to locate, among the very many points of sale, the one which is closest to you.

The interface is clear and easy to use. In the area of ​​defects, note the location of the points of sale which is not always very operational and some rare unexpected stops of the application. Finally, the application only offers products from the brand’s catalog Tollens, however very well supplied.