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closure of all physical Apple Stores in the world

Genius handicapé en Apple Store

Faced with the coronavirus epidemic, Apple has decided to close all of its Apple Stores worldwide, except those in China. The latter have recently reopened with patched schedules.

Apple Store

For all the others, Tim Cook said in a press release that they will remain curtains until March 27. He therefore asks customers who need assistance or make a purchase to go directly to Apple online stores.

When it comes to office workers, Tim Cook invites them to work if they can. He specifies that their wages will not change. For the others forced to come to the office, Tim asks them to keep their distance between them.

Apple then plans to launch a major cleanup at its various sites, in addition to implementing health and temperature controls for office workers.

The closing of Apple Stores is therefore scheduled until March 27, but the date may change by then. It will all depend on the coronavirus epidemic. Reopening dates may be different depending on each country where the contagion is not the same.