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Closing the flaw used by

Closing the flaw used by

If the arrival of the new jailbreak method ( proved to be very effective in unlocking its machine in no time, this latter now nevertheless provides a relatively high risk of possible intrusions into its iDevice. Indeed, from the moment the site will exploit the flaw to operate the jailbreak on its device, the latter will now be exposed to certain risks of illegal intrusion (hacking, data theft, malware). To protect themselves, a new tweak soon landed on Cydia. Named PDF Patcher 2, the tweak will help fill the flaw used by to prevent any possible future intrusions. note that the tweak only works on iOS 4.3.3. Belgium-iPhone can only recommend that you install it immediately!

PDF Patcher 2 is available free on Cydia.

We discuss it on the forum.

The installation demonstration video: