cloning a fingerprint with public photos

cloning a fingerprint with public photos

Member of the Chaos Computer Club, Jan Krissler alias Starbug cloned the fingerprint of Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen who is none other than the Federal Minister of Defense. To achieve its ends and obtain this precious data in these times of biometric authentication, the hacker reconstituted the imprint of the German politician by exploiting public photos in high definition.

He focused in particular on a digital photo of the minister's thumb and also used other photos taken from different angles at a press conference in October.

To accomplish his feat without having in his possession an object touched by Ursula Gertrud von der Leye, Starbug used a fingerprint recognition software called VeriFinger which is available for sale.

Starbug's malicious advice to politicians is … to wear gloves when speaking in public.


This hacker had already been talked about in 2013 with a method of bypassing the digital recognition of the iPhone 5S from Apple. In this case, he had reconstituted a fingerprint by extracting a residual fingerprint on the smartphone.