Clips: Apple’s photo / video creation and sharing app

Clips application Apple - Clips : l

Apple just launched a new app on the App Store called Clips. The latter allows you to share videos and videos in a simple way and in real time, by adding animated texts, graphic elements, Emoji, music, and much more.

Once you have chosen the photo or video (taken at the time or from your photo library) to be edited with Clips, you can add animated titles and text to the sound of your voice. Specifically, text is automatically generated as you speak and is synchronized with your voice. You can change the text and punctuation at any time and add Emoji.

Apple application clips - Clips: Apple's photo and video creation and sharing appClips are also fun effects. It is for example possible to give your photos and videos a comic book appearance with color and black and white filters, to insert speech bubbles, arrows and animated banners, headings, to add motion or zoom effects, or a music track from your library or from the integrated soundtracks.

Finally, Clips offers “intelligent sharing”. The application suggests people with whom to share your creation (via the Messages app) according to those in the video and those with whom you interact most often. It is also possible to publish your video directly on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks.

Note that you must have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 10.3 minimum to install Clips. The app is available for free on the App Store and does not contain in-app purchases.

Download Clips (free)