ClickToPray, the Pope-approved prayer app

Image 1 : ClickToPray, l'application de prière approuvée par le Pape

Image 1: ClickToPray, the Pope-approved prayer app

The Pope of the current Catholic Church has understood that technology can be used to reach more faithful. During his usual Sunday mass in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Pope Francis promoted ClickToPray, an application for Android and iOS which allows practicing Catholics tosend their prayers to the cloud in order to share them with their loved ones and the whole community.

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Launched two years ago, ClickToPray is now available in six languages. The application is the extension of WorldWide Praying Network, the Vatican social network, which is used to broadcast the proposed monthly prayer intentions [par le souverain pontife]. A few days before the World Youth Days to be held in Panama, François’s communication will probably help popularize ClickToPray with young Catholics.

The intentions of the prayers can target specific events such as weddings or birthdays, but they can also be addressed to sick relatives or major international causes. Followers will be able to “like” the latter or even meditate on the “three moments” of the day established by the Pope. ClickToPray is a free application, available on iOS and Android.