Clear: an innovative task manager

Clear: an innovative task manager

If you're looking for an easy-to-use task manager, a new application may arouse your interest. Clear, that is its name, presents itself as an innovative task manager due to its ergonomic and minimalist aspect: there are no buttons in the application!

In fact, Clear only offers drop-down lists. Each list displays the tasks in order of priority, from top to bottom, with a color code that adapts according to the creation date.

When a task is created and it is urgent, it can be moved up by a simple tap. As soon as the task is finished, slide your finger to the right of the element. The latter will appear as "barr". If desired, purge your completed tasks with a simple swipe of your finger, from bottom to top.

After a few minutes of adaptation, Clear becomes very easy to use. You will notice that its ergonomics somewhat reminds a certain Windows Phone 7.

In addition to its minimalist side, we will also appreciate the possibility of configuring the application by selecting one of the proposed themes, the possibility of displaying a badge on the application icon (which will be used to display the number of tasks to be performed) , to activate or not sounds or the vibrator during each action.

If you have not yet been convinced by an iOS task manager, Belgium-iPhone recommends that you test this innovative application which will certainly continue to be talked about.

The Clean app is available on the App Store for 0.79.

We discuss it on the forum.

Video demonstration:

Clear for iPhone (Coming Soon!) From Realmac Software on Vimeo.