Clean up your PC with Malwarebytes

Clean up your PC with Malwarebytes

When a computer appears to be infected with a virus or the internet browser is polluted with a splash page full of advertising, chances are there is malware and spyware lurking inside. If cleaning files by CCleaner removes unnecessary files from the PC, the computer dirt disinfection can be done with Malwarebytes, program free which cleans Windows of these parasitic files.

There is a paid version of Malwarebytes but the free edition is sufficient for clean a PC of its malware and to find clean Windows and Internet environments without having to reinstall everything.

Download and Install Malwarebytes (Free)

1. Go to the official website (and only this one) to download the Malwarebytes software:

Click on the green button ” Download now »If the download is not automatic.

2. Open the downloaded file and start the installation by choosing the language ” French “.

3. Go through the various screens (Next, Accept the contract, Next, Next, etc.).

4. At the end of the installation, uncheck the lineActivate the Malwarebytes Premium free trial To stay on the free version.


How to use Malwarebytes to clean the computer

  • Click on “Scan now” present in the “Dashboard” or in the “Scan” tab, select “Threat scan” then click on “Start scan”.
  • (Accept the update by clicking on “Update now” if offered).
  • Once the scan finished, click “Remove Selected”.


  • When MalwareBytes Anti-Malware has finished quarantining the detected items, click “Finish”. If a message asks to restart the PC to complete the deletion, accept.
  • The report is available in History> Application Logs as “Scan Log”.