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Classic Tetris1.0.3

Free, addictive and well done, Classic Tetris is a good adaptation of the famous puzzle game by Alexei Pajitnov. We find with pleasure the original concept accompanied by excellent playability. Additional positive points, the authorizations are limited to internet access and advertisements on the home screen. To be found urgently in public transport and coffee breaks!

Tetris is one of the most copied video games. Among its many versions on Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian, we find among others, The Tetris Game,, Quinn, Tetris and. Notice to fans of the genre, Clubic invites you to discover a new free, effective and addictive adaptation for Android!

Classic Tetris is a free puzzle game for Android. As its name suggests, its developers have tried to get as close as possible to the famous concept of Alexei Pajitnov. Not surprisingly, the objective of the game is to stack at best several types of pieces of different shapes and colors in order to constitute a maximum of complete lines. Minimalist, there is only one game mode in stages where the level of difficulty gradually increases. To garner a maximum of points, your mission will therefore be to assemble a determined number of lines while negotiating with an increasingly pressing force of gravity.

In terms of gameplay, the result is particularly successful. With a few seconds of adaptation, you can quickly execute the finest movements. In order to attract the greatest number of players, there are two types of control. First of all, the one we found the most intuitive, the touch mode. More or less rapid movements from left to right will ensure precise movements. A simple tap on the screen will be enough to rotate the part. Finally a brief and vertical movement will quickly send the pieces to the ground. Those who are inconvenienced by touch can try the Trackball. Note that to quickly lower the part, you will need to click on the ball and that to rotate, you will have to drag the ball upwards.

Regarding the graphics and the soundscape, the whole challenge is to be pleasant without being aggressive. We find the traditional pieces with slightly acid colors. Little surprise concerning the accompanying music, since we discover with a touch of nostalgia a variant of the “Russian” melody present on the Nintendo GameBoy. On the settings side, you can cut the music and the sound effects. Although the game does not include a backup, by leaving the application with the “Home” button, you will be able to resume your current game at any time by tapping “New Game”.