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Clash Royale1.2.3

At the crossroads of a MOBA and a deck of collectible cards, Clash Royale is an excellent free multiplayer strategy game, with neat graphics and lively and dynamic combat. The game also offers a good balance of difficulty and a host of game cards. Success at all levels!


The principle of Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is a free real-time strategy game for Android. It is edited by Supercell, the studio behind the hit game Clash Of Clans. The gameplay is based on two styles of play which are currently on the rise: the CCG, for Collectible card game, and MOBA.

The object of the game is simple: players compete head to head in an arena in which units are generated using cards. Clash Royale thus offers an easy recipe but which will still require strategy, good reflexes and a good dose of reflection.

How to play ?

The player is invited to discover the course of the fights, the functioning of the cards and their evolution thanks to a training which it is necessary to complete before accessing the first arena. Like a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the player can build customizable card decks. The cards are unlocked as the fighting progresses through chests.

On this last point, the mechanics of Supercell is clear because some chests can be unlocked after 3 even sometimes 8 hours, unless you open them immediately with gems, which are themselves exchangeable with hard cash .


For further :

Clash Royale offers players to create or join a clan from level 3. Between members of a clan, it is possible to chat using chat, swap cards and compete in friendly combat.

Given the resounding success of Clash Of Clans, which even has the right to its own convention called the ClashCon, SuperCell opens the doors of eSport to Clash Royale thanks to the replay system Royal TV which allows you to review parts of the highest ranked players and the best fights of the last hours.

And on the side of the grip?

Clash Royale is neither too simple nor too difficult but requires long games to properly take control of the game mechanisms, the strengths and weaknesses of the different units and the tactics to be implemented.

Let’s finish with in-app purchases which are still important and encourage the player to accelerate their progress and leveling up. Time is money !

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