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Clash of clans

True to gender, Clash of clans is an excellent massively multiplayer strategy game with neat graphics. Neither too easy nor too difficult even without paying A success.


What is Clash Of Clans?

Clash of clans is a real-time strategy game available on Android and iOS. The goal is to found a village and make it evolve before attacking the other players in order to spread its hegemony.

How to play ?

Time plays an important role, because it allows the acquisition of resources and creation of its army. Gems, resources in limited quantity, reduce the time. However, they are replenished by purchasing certain options. It is of course possible to succeed without buying it, but you will have to count on your patience (from several minutes to a few hours …) for each step.0258000008041862-photo-capture-d-cran-clash-of-clans.jpg

Clash Of Clans buildings and units

On the program: the creation of an army (with barbarians, archers, wizards, etc.), the management of resources to be able to buy decorations, defenses and improvements; and finally, attack to be able to loot Gobelins villages or other online players. Once the attack has been scheduled, we have the option of choosing how to organize the assault waves: we place the warriors where we want and according to the number we like to deploy. In short, a strategy pretty well put together!

What else ?

A cat is also anchored to allow dialogue between the players. This promotes the creation of clans, which is crucial to ensure sustainability in the chaos of clans!

Note that the game requires an internet connection. And that based on the freemium model, it offers other paid options to obtain additional resources or reduce the construction time of buildings.