Orange wants to kill too low ADSL offers from its competitors

Clamping of the rates on the Orange route of Free: the Free fault!

Time goes by, and the questions keep the same answers … Stéphane Richard does not deny it, if there is question of any restriction of speeds with Free Mobile subscribers when they are roaming on the 3G network d 'Orange, the fault lies solely with Free.

Freebox Mobile"The one who is responsible for Free's customers and the service is Free. It is unacceptable that Free should try to evade its quality of service obligations. Our contract is honest and loyal" says the CEO of Orange.

It is obvious that with the client, it is the operator with whom the contract was signed who is responsible for the quality of service. Despite everything, this does not automatically imply that Free is responsible for the service provided by Orange according to the roaming agreement. Here, Orange is responsible for the quality of service provided to Free Mobile.

Stéphane Richard therefore plays on words to get around the question with annoyance. For its part, Free maintains its assertion regarding the clamping of debits coming directly from Orange.

But the situation could be clarified soon, since Bouygues Télécom recently filed a complaint against Free about the bridle, an investigation could thus establish who is truly responsible in the case.