Chrome Works On Page Sharing Down On QR Code, With Dino Offline - GKZ Hitech

Chrome Works On Page Sharing Down On QR Code, With Dino Offline – GKZ Hitech

QR codes are pretty ubiquitous these days, used for everything from setting up two-factor authentication via apps that generate key people promotion to track your Snapchat. Chrome may be the next to use the feature to share content, with a new QR code page sharing feature (but currently not functional) found in Chrome Canary. Best of all, gnrs QR codes can include a Chrome dino.

Image: Techdows.

The new feature "Activate share page via QR Code" has been spotted for the first time by the folks at Techdows, hidden behind an experimental flag in a recent construction. When activated, it adds a new option "Generate QR code for this page" to the context menu, plus a shortcut to the address bar.

Images: Techdows.

right now it doesn't really seem job, but according to related articles on the Chromium bug tracker, it is under active development. The most interesting detail, however, is the fact that these Chrome-generated QR codes will feature a "dino superimposed in the center" – probably the character of the famous offline dino endless runner game in Chrome.

A mockup that probably won't look like the real thing, but could give you an idea of ​​what to expect.

For the most part, syncing multi-device history and Send This Page features from Chrome will likely be a simpler solution, but QR codes have other exclusive use cases (like sharing links via content static and real), and our dear friend the little dino could serve as an easy indicator that the built-in material matches a web address.

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