Chrome OS 87: tabbed search makes its debut on Chromebooks

Google has just started deploying Chrome OS 87 on Chromebooks. This new version incorporates new features found on Chrome 87, the most recent version of the browser. It includes the search by tabs.

google chrome os
Credits: Google

After deploying Chrome 87, the new version of Google Chrome at the end of November, the Mountain View firm began broadcasting Chrome OS 87 this Saturday, December 5. As reported by our colleagues from the 9To5Google site, this new version of the OS is being equipped new features, mostly from Chrome 87.

Logic to find there in this case search by tabs. This function will be particularly useful for users who usually open dozens of tabs per session. Say you have to look for something specific in this armada of open tabs. Rather than doing them one by one, a new search bar allows you to quickly find the desired tab, without wasting precious minutes.

Searching by tabs, a very practical find

This additional search engine searches all open pages, whether they are in a group or not. To use it, you just have to go to the small arrow pointing down icon, located at the top right of the screen. In addition, the listing of all open pages will appear below the search bar.

In addition, Chrome OS 87 now displays the battery level of devices connected to your Chromebook. From the Settings menu, go to the Bluetooth menu. From here, you can directly view the charge level of your Bluetooth headset, keyboard, or mouse. And if the autonomy starts to get low, a notification will be sent to the user to warn them.

chrome OS 87
Credits: Google

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Finally, the Google teams have not forgotten the users fond of customization, with the addition of 36 wallpapers. These wallpapers were produced in collaboration with four artists. In accordance with Google’s habits, this version of Chrome OS will be released gradually.

As a reminder, Google announced good news to users of Google Chrome under Windows 7. The Mountain company indeed promised that updates would be deployed on Google Chrome until 2022. A relief for the millions of users still under Windows 7, which will be able to benefit from a monitored and updated browser for some time to come.

Source: The Verge