Google Chrome: 10 years already!

Chrome for Android 4.0: it's over soon!

Version 42 of Google Chrome should arrive in mid-April next. And for those still using terminals running Android 4.0, this will be the last of the last. Google has indeed made the decision to stop the development of Chrome for Ice Cream Sandwich.

In practice, Android 4.0 users will no longer receive updates for Chrome beyond version 42. This version of the browser will however be entitled to possible security updates until the release of Chrome 43 at the end of May.

Obviously, despite the end of development for Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), Google Chrome 42 will remain functional. But a security risk will eventually exist and it will be necessary to give up on new functionalities.

Google explains that its developers must create workarounds for the new web and Chrome features to work with ICS, and believes the game is no longer worth the effort for such an old mobile operating system.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be five years old at the end of the year. According to the latest statistics from Google Play, Android 4.0 is present on almost 6% of terminals. This is currently more than the 3.3% of Android 5.0 Lollipop.