Chrome asks to choose the search engine in Russia

Chrome asks to choose the search engine in Russia

Yandex announced earlier this week that Android users in Russia will be entitled to a screen of choice this month when launching a Google Chrome browser update for the first time.

This choice screen will offer them to choose their default search engine. In this case, a possible selection between Yandex, Google and For Yandex, this change is presented as " a huge step. "

Previously, the default engine for Chrome was automatically Google. The user could act on this parameter but a posteriori, by going on his own initiative in the browser settings. The new behavior is to be linked to Google's conviction in Russia for abuse of a dominant position with its Android mobile operating system.


An actor like Yandex complained of the loss of market share and criticized Google for requiring Android device manufacturers to pre-install its applications and use its services, including that of its engine. research.

" In accordance with the agreement with Yandex and with the FAS (note: the federal anti-monopoly service of Russia), we have created a new opportunity for search service providers to promote it with the Chrome application on Android devices "said a Google spokesperson.

Before the end of this year, the European Commission could punish Google with a new big fine – after the case of the Google Shopping service – for an abuse of dominant position with Android.