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Chrome Android: test the new Duet interface that allows you to customize the navigation buttons

Google is making some Chrome changes on Android with an adaptable interface called Duet. The goal: to make certain virtual buttons more accessible on smartphones with large notches. The change was implemented in the beta and developer versions of the web browser.

Chrome Android

The appearance of very large screens in smartphones has had an effect on the maneuverability of the interfaces. Indeed, some places on the screen are only accessible if you modify the grip of your phone, with the risk of dropping it, or if you use your second hand. To compensate for this, developers are rethinking their applications in order to put the most important functions on the line.

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Google is working, among other things, on Chrome and on ergonomic solutions to review the position of certain virtual keys. The solution offered by Google is called Duet. It is currently being pushed by the Mountain View company on the developer and beta versions of the Android version of the web browser. The consumer version, as for it, is not yet concerned, but it should be soon.

What changes have Duet made to Chrome?

As you can see from the screenshots that accompany this article, the modifications concern the space next to the search bar and the virtual keys at the bottom of the screen. And in particular their contents. The changes made by Duet Chrome are therefore subtle. But they are also effective.

google chrome interface duet On the left, Duet is deactivated; right, Duet is activated. In the center, the menu.

By activating Duet, you have access a menu that allows you to change the location of certain items: new tab, change of tab, access to the search bar, sharing of an address. Depending on which ones you use most often, you place them in the bottom bar. Note that the possibilities are more extensive with the developer version of Chrome than with the beta version.

How to activate Chrome Duet on your smartphone?

To test this new interface and the possibilities offered to you, just install one of the two versions of Chrome o Duet is implemented: the beta version or the developer version (or of the three versions including Canary).

Once one of these versions is installed, open it and type in the address bar: Chrome: // flags. In the search engine, type Duet . There, open the drop-down menu and click on one of the options available to reposition certain buttons. To activate the changes, you must restart Chrome each time.

Download Chrome Beta on Google Play Store

Download Chrome Dev on Google Play Store

Source: Android Police