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Chinese man sold kidney for iPhone 4 in poor health

After selling one of his kidneys to pay for itiPhone 4 in 2011, a Chinese man today finds himself disabled…

It’s’Oriental daily who revealed this story. Xiao Wang (who was 17 at the time) sold a kidney for almost 2,800 euros (20,000 yuan) to, among other things, buy the iPhone 4. Note that this smartphone was accessible at 629 euros for its 16 GB version and 739 euros for the 32 GB model. In China, the phone was sold for less than 400 euros.

Chinese Sells Kidney iPhone 4 - A Chinese man who sold a kidney for the iPhone 4 in poor health

The Chinese media reports that Xiao W’s financial situation did not allow him to fulfill his “dream”. He thus sold one of his kidneys to have the necessary funds. To have his kidney removed, the adolescent sought the services of a clandestine hospital. The establishment was not up to standard and complications have arisen over time.

The youngster thus fell ill and went to the hospital for treatment. Doctors told him that the remaining kidney has deteriorated and is no longer working properly. After attacking him in court, the youth’s family was able to receive damages from the underground hospital that performed the operation. Today, Xiao is however handicapped until the rest of his days…