China: new suicide at Foxconn

China: new suicide at Foxconn

A 21-year-old Foxconn worker committed suicide by jumping into a vacuum in a factory in southern China, the press reported on Wednesday, a new death in the group of tawanese who experienced a wave of suicides last year .

The man started work at the Foxconn Shenzhen plant on June 27. He died Tuesday, the Hong Kong Economic Times reported, citing a group official. The police opened an investigation when, according to the newspaper and the Commercial Times of Tawan, the employee had only worked two additional hours of work in the factory, which would exclude a link between his death and the pressure at work.

At least 13 employees of Foxconn, the world leader in computer components, which supplies parts for Apple, Sony and Nokia, prayed last year in similar circumstances.

Following this wave of suicides, Foxconn had increased wages in its Chinese factories by almost 70%, the working conditions of which were denounced by independent organizations defending workers' rights.

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(Source: AFP.)