explosion iphone 7 chine - Chine : nouveau cas d

China: new case of an iPhone 7 explosion while charging

explosion iphone 7 chine - Chine : nouveau cas d

In China, a young woman recently reported that her iPhone 7 exploded while it was charging. The incident is said to have occurred on his bedside table. The Chinese user assured that she bought her phone only 4 months ago.

My phone ran out of battery, so I let it charge on my bedside table. I went outside for a walk and heard an explosion when I got home. I then understood that it was my phone “Said the owner of the iPhone 7. It was a matte black model of 32 GB.

explosion iPhone 7 China - China: new case of explosion of an iPhone 7 in chargeOn social networks and forums devoted to Apple products, it is argued that the use of an unapproved charger could be the cause of the explosion. A theory difficult to believe since the young woman had just bought her phone. It therefore had an official charger.

The debris from the iPhone 7 in question was examined in the Apple Store in the region. The presence of a large black spot on the internal part of the screen indicates that the source of the explosion would be the battery, which had a manufacturing defect.