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China: iPhone sales rebound following price cuts

Apple experienced a “historic” end of 2018. So historic that Tim cook, the CEO of the Californian company, undertook, in a recent press release, to lower the prices of its iPhone in some countries. Not because sales are looking good, no, on the contrary. But because the decline in the Cupertino firm’s turnover was around 15%.

And by lowering prices in China… oh, surprise! IPhone sales are on the rise! Various reductions have indeed been applied on the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, but also on models of older generations. The site Feng says Alibaba (the Chinese counterpart to Amazon) has seen a 76% increase in iPhone sales since January 13.

iphone china sales - China: iPhone sales rebound following price cuts

Price reductions do not apply on the official Apple store, but at local resellers. The Chinese would therefore do better to favor the neighborhood store rather than the Apple Store! In terms of prices, the iPhone XR has undergone a reduction of around € 100 compared to its usual price (€ 689 instead of € 766) on At Apple, the price is still € 832.

Given the current geopolitical context between China and the United States, this drop will do Apple good. The United States indeed suspects Huawei, a Chinese telephone giant, spying on its territory. At this announcement, many Chinese had decided to boycott the iPhone in favor of national brands.