China: iPhone 8 Plus opens again in half

iphone 8 plus ouvert deux chine - Chine : un iPhone 8 Plus s

All users who pre-ordered theiPhone 8 Plus today received their new phone. While most of them are probably very happy to have received their smartphones, others have had a nasty surprise. Indeed, the cases of opening in two of this model are increasing.

In addition to the four recent cases in Asia, Canada and Greece (read: iPhone 8 Plus: several screen cases detaching from the chassis), a user in China also encountered the same concern. When he unpacked his new iPhone 8 Plus, he discovered that it was open in two.

iPhone 8 plus open two China - China: iPhone 8 Plus opens again in halfAt the moment, it is not yet known why these phones are opening. However, the problem may arise from drums. As a reminder, part of the cases identified occurred when the iPhone 8 Plus was being recharged. We can therefore assume that the battery has swelled, which pushed the other components and causes the opening of the device in two.

Unsurprisingly, Apple is already conducting its investigation to determine the real causes of these concerns. In a few days, the company could therefore reveal the results of its investigation and take the appropriate measures. That said, it is still difficult to know if the problem can be solved by a simple software update or if it will be necessary to return certain models at risk…