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China: Apple falls in favor of Huawei


Posted: February 14 2019
Updated: February 13, 2019

by Steve

Sales ofiPhone have fallen in China. And this drop would have benefited the Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei. The research cabinet IDC, specializing in the analysis of sales of large companies, published on Monday some figures concerning the apple brand. Data specific to the last quarter of 2018, and exclusive to the Chinese market.

apple - China: Apple drops in favor of Huawei

In the last months of 2018, Apple would have distributed 20% less iPhone than usual in China. And still according to IDC, the month of January 2019 would have been chaotic for the Californian firm: revenues from China would have dropped by 27%. Over the same period, Huawei would have increased its distributions by 23.3%. Those ofOppo and of Vivo, two brands of Chinese phones, would have increased by 1.5 and 3.1% respectively.

Distribution, and therefore sales, plummets that Apple probably owes to the diplomatic crisis between Huawei and the American government. Suspected of having circumvented the American sanctions which weighed on Iran, the financial director of the Chinese brand had been arrested in Canada, in order to be extradited and tried in the United States. The announcement had caused a strong patriotic hint in China, with a biased press and encouraging its readers to buy Huawei smartphones. Moreover, the very high price of the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, undoubtedly weighs in the balance.