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Cheat: will iPhone be banned in casinos?

casino - Triche : les iPhone vont-ils être interdits dans les casinos ?

casino - Triche : les iPhone vont-ils être interdits dans les casinos ?

Can iPhones be Banned in Casinos?

Card counting has embellished the legend of casinos and Blackjack for many years thanks in particular to films Rain man and Las Vegas 21. If Tom Cruise counted on his autistic brother to win the jackpot in the first masterpiece of the American box office, it would seem that a simple iPhone can count cards in casinos. While a mobile application can clearly amount to cheating, can land-based casinos prohibit the use of the iPhone in their establishments? Besides, if this card counting technique is a real problem for land-based casinos, when is it for online ones? If you want to get all the information on online gambling, we recommend the Canada online casino site.

casino - Cheat: will the iPhone be banned in casinos?

A simple iPhone to win blackjack

New technologies surprise us day by day! With an incalculable number of applications developed daily, it is possible to do everything and anything with an Apple brand mobile. From cooking recipes to GPS, to managing your bank account, an iPhone makes your life easier, just as it can entertain you and make you money.

Indeed, we have noticed a large choice of applications allowing card counting at the table game of Blackjack, also called 21, in France. To put it simply, the software has used the famous card counting techniques to calculate the value of the cards that the dealer will distribute. The application thus determines the value of the cards that it will remain in the shoe. The player can therefore bet large sums at the best time of the game.

How does the app work? It vibrates the phone when the player has to bet! And the developers have thought of everything! A stealth mode has even been added so that one has the impression that the iPhone is not turned on. In itself, the card counting applications in Blackjack are real plagues for land casinos which see players cheating in front of the dealer!

How can casinos fight this cheating tool?

iPhone banned - Cheat: will iPhone be banned in casinos?The publisher of the most famous application of the App Store reminds it well in its description, the use of an electronic device like the iPhone is strictly prohibited around Blackjack tables.

While most Las Vegas casinos do not ban head card counting, since they have multiplied the variants of Blackjack to maintain an advantage over the player, the calculator had been banned a few years ago. Will the iPhone also pay for it? Normally, it is quite simple to control a player who uses a telephone around a gaming table, but it is true that the stealth mode of Blackjack applications does not allow full control of cheaters.

Would it be possible to banish the iPhone completely from land-based casinos? Yes and no. At the same time, it is simple to search customers, but it is also risky to frustrate players who use their mobile for various reasons, such as work, for example. Pending the jamming of the iPhone network in casinos or the installation of spyware by the directors of land establishments, the question of card counting in online casinos is still pending!