ChatON: cross-platform instant messaging by Samsung

ChatON: cross-platform instant messaging by Samsung

Samsung is about to launch a new mobile instant messaging application that will have the advantage of being cross-platform.

You are more and more numerous to use applications which allow you to exchange texts, images or videos, using a Data or Wi-Fi connection. If this type of application is interesting due to its free , they are less effective when it comes to contacting a person whose smartphone embeds another mobile platform that does not specifically and specifically include this application. It is with this in mind that Samsung has decided to launch, as of next month, ChatON, a new messaging system that will have the advantage of being cross-platform compatible.

As for functionality, like existing apps, ChatON will also allow you to send texts, images or videos to a contact or a group of people selected by you who can, if they wish, comment on “your sharing” . Other additional features, the possibility of finding your favorite contacts, images on which you can create small animations before sharing them or the possibility of leaving a comment on your contacts' profile.

What reach a maximum of people …

If the application is expected to be installable on mobile platforms already used by Samsung (Android and Bada), the Korean manufacturer has also planned to make "his new app" compatible with competing platforms such as iOS and BlackBerry OS. Best of all, the app will be available for download in 120 countries and translated into 62 languages.

And Windows Phone?

In addition, if the manufacturer has not yet mentioned support for the Windows Phone 7 platform for its new application, it is very likely that Microsoft's mobile platform will not be left behind. A Windows Phone compatible application could be added to the list within the next few months.

Finally, a web client (Windows compatible) is also planned, it will allow you to join discussions with your contacts.

Samsung should take advantage of the IFA show in Berlin (Belgium-iPhone will be there) to present this new service.

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