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Charlie Hebdo: citizens and internet users arrested for apologizing for terrorist acts

While the national momentum of solidarity extends from France to the whole world after the recent attacks which occurred in France, to Charlie Hebdo and to the Hyper Cacher, some take advantage of it to pour their hatred on the Internet or they believe in the shelter, cowards hidden behind their screens believing themselves to be safe from justice.

interior ministryAs a reminder, French justice punished with 7 years in prison and a fine of up to € 100,000 for messages of apology for acts of terrorism, whether they are broadcast on television, in newspapers, in the street or on the internet. And this is what happened to some who, from Wednesday evening, did not hesitate to pour out their hatred and to "pay tribute" to the Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibably, in particular through Twitter and hastags that we will not disclose not.

As of Wednesday evening in Saint-Priest, a 20-year-old individual came to the police station, shouting: "Long live the murderers of the police"Or Thursday in Lyon or a 28-year-old man shouting at the BAC policemen"Allah Akbar, already two dead at home, go fuck your motherfucker, it's good for you"Or this 35 year old individual living in Vénissieux who was screaming"Isn't that enough for you what happened this morning in Paris? Here we are at home"These 3 individuals will pass in May before a judicial police officer to answer for their acts.

Our youth is also concerned with this example of a 19-year-old high school student who admitted having greeted the massacre committed on a social network. He was tried in immediate appearance this Friday by the Criminal Court of Carpentras and sentenced to one year suspended prison sentence and 210 hours of community service. Also on the internet, a 30-year-old man will be tried this Monday in Strasbourg for having published on Facebook a photo showing a Kalashnikov rifle accompanied by words of "rejoicing". He faces up to 7 years in prison.

Citizen call: how to report illegal content?

The Ministry of the Interior recalls that:

The Internet is a space of freedom where everyone can communicate and develop. The rights of all must be respected there, so that the "web" remains a space of exchange and respect. This is why the public authorities make this portal available to you. (…) you can send reports of illegal content or behavior that you have encountered while using the Internet.

Be citizens, and report any comments that infringe on the republic and freedom by not hesitating to go to the website of the Ministry of the Interior

Good event to all!

Update : According to the newspaper Le Monde, the Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve would have Friday morning indicated to the prefects that 3721 messages praising the attacks had been recorded on social networks thanks to the use of the Pharos platform (internet and therefore the help of all citizen internet users.