character combos on video 60 frames per second

character combos on video 60 frames per second

Tekken 7

In order to get an idea of ​​the next part of the fighting game Tekken, here is a new video which presents the combos of several characters from the roster of the title of Bandai Namco, available for a few weeks on arcade machines.

A well-known fighting series since the arrival of the first episode on PlayStation in the mid-90s, Tekken recently returned through a seventh episode available since last February in Japanese arcade machines.

Tekken 7 - 2 "height =" 131 "width =" 233In order to get an idea of Tekken 7 ahead of its upcoming release on PS4 and Xbox One, here is a new gameplay video which focuses on the demonstration of several combos of playable characters, confirming that the handling is still similar to the previous installments of the Bandai Namco franchise.

Remember, however, that enrichments were made with this episode, including Rage Art which allows you to initiate a desperate attack when the health bar reaches a critical threshold, as well as Power Crush which unleashes an unstoppable attack to interrupt an enemy combo.

For now, the publisher has not communicated a release date for the console version of the game.