Change any smartphone to a Samsung Galaxy S5!

Change any smartphone to a Samsung Galaxy S5!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 makes you there but you do not necessarily have the budget? Or would you simply like to keep your smartphone while giving it a touch of youth? Here are five apps that will give you the look of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but without taking a penny out of your pocket.

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Galaxy S5 Wallpapers

We start with the simplest: change your screen to make it look like a Galaxy S5! This application has the entire collection of screens prchargs on the S5, you choose the one you prefer.

Galaxy S5 FingerPrint Lock

What would the Galaxy S5 be without its fingerprint scanner? To fool everyone, there are a lot of applications that falsely scan your fingerprint, regardless of your smartphone. Be careful though, your smartphone will no longer have a high-performance security screen!

GALAXY S5 Experience

We already talked about it in a previous article: the Galaxy S5 Experience app allows you to test the specifics of the S5 while staying on your usual smartphone. Everything is not there, but it's already a good first experience!

GALAXY S5 Experience
Install on Google Play

Galaxy Launcher (TouchWiz)

Certainly the best way to simulate a Samsung Galaxy S5 on any smartphone: this launcher looks like two drops of water TouchWiz on the S5. You do not even have to be root to use it! Very customizable.

Galaxy S5 Ringtones

It is not only the visual that is important: the sound is just as important. And when you hear your smartphone ringing with the typical ringtone Galaxy S5, the effect will be perfectly successful! Great base for all types of sound.

So, does that make an impact?

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