[CES] ThinkPad X280 and X380: Lenovo renews the range

[CES] ThinkPad X280 and X380: Lenovo renews the range

Image 1: [CES] ThinkPad X280 and X380: Lenovo renews the rangeA few hours from CES, Lenovo is renewing part of its range. The ThinkPad X380 and X280 are computers mainly intended for professionals. The two machines have many things in common, starting with the processors used, 8th generation Intel chips (which have twice as many hearts as last year). The X360 and X280 are equipped with the same graphics chip, a Intel UHD Graphics 620, which although not a “gamer” graphics card, allows you to have a decent amount of fun with the less recent games.

The RAM of the two computers can go up to 16 GB, but the memory frequency of the X280 is adjustable up to 2133 MHz while that of the X380 can rotate up to 2400 MHz. Storage on SSD can be up to 1 TB.

Dolby Premium on the X380

A major difference between the X280 and the X380 could be due to the connectivity of the SSDs, which should be more efficient on the X380, but this remains to be confirmed by tests. The X380 hosts a system Dolby Premium Audio while the X280 accommodates Dolby Advance Audio. The ThinkPad X280 has a 12.5-inch screen and the X380 a 13.3-inch screen. Both benefit from a definition in 1080p (1980 × 1080), the X380 theoretically having a more colorful screen with wider viewing angles thanks to an IPS LCD panel.

The ThinkPad X280 is the lightest computer, and therefore the most portable of the two (at 1.2 kg), while the Thinkpad x380 turns out to be more “imposing” (1.4 kg) and complete (we note for example the presence of a card reader on this model) and a little faster (SSD performance).

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