CES 2021: Stadia and Geforce Now coming soon to LG Smart TVs

LG Smart TVs will soon host two online gaming services: Google Stadia and Nvidia Geforce Now. No specific date has been announced, but these should be available in the coming months. After the presentation of its gaming screen which bends at will, the Korean firm seems to want to make a lasting place for itself among players.

Google Stadia on LG TV

LG is getting closer and closer to gamers around the world. A few days ago, the company presented a gaming screen that bends at will. Today she announces that Google Stadia and Geforce Now will arrive on its Smart TVs in 2021. The first service should be available in the second half of the year, with the arrival of future OLEDs, QNED and NanoCell. Geforce Now should follow suit some time later.

Google Stadia, after launching on iPhone and iPad, therefore landed on Smart TV. Of course, only users in countries where the service is available will be able to use it. Geforce Now, the cloud gaming service with 2,000 games, is also seeing its catalog of platforms grow. Good news for gamers, because it allows access to games in particular Steam, Epic Games, GOG or even Ubisoft +.

LG takes on cloud gaming with Google Stadia and Nvidia Geforce Now

The announcement came shortly after the reveal of webOS 6.0 as well as LG’s new Magic Remote. The firm has indeed revisited the interface of its operating system for Smart TV by adding the possibility of accessing recommended content based on its viewing history. In the same way, a new menu will be present during the gaming phases, allowing you to change the display profile depending on the type of game.

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It is not yet known whether online gaming services will be available on TV models. prior to 2021. LG has indeed communicated only on its next product line, for the moment. The latter has a “Game optimization” menu, which offers the possibility of direct access to the parameters of the device such as frequency, response time and more.