CES 2021: Samsung promises crazy picture quality on its 4K Mini LED TVs

Ahead of CES 2021, Samsung has just announced its new range of 4K and 8K TVs coming in 2021. They will be based on new technology: a Mini-Led backlighting system. Thanks to this technology, Samsung promises extraordinary image quality on its future televisions.

samsung mini led
Credit: Samsung

As you may know, CES 2021 will open from January 11 to January 14, 2021. Due to the pandemic, the international electronics fair will be held exclusively online. Only a few days before the opening of hostilities, some manufacturers have already lifted the veil on a few products.

This is particularly the case of LG, which has just unveiled an invisible OLED TV screen for the home. In addition, the South Korean brand also revealed a 48-inch gaming screen that can be curved at will. This Wednesday, January 5, 2021, it’s Samsung’s turn to get in on the dance.

The Quantum Mini LED generation

The manufacturer presented its new range of 4K and 8K TVs to come in 2021. Called Neo QLED, this range will consist of two 8K models, the QN900A and the QN800A. Then, we will find three 4K TVs: QN95A, QN90A and QN85A. And what will be their particularities? They will all embed new technology: the Quantum Mini LEDs.

These LEDs are 40 times smaller than conventional LEDs and each TV will house tens of thousands of them. Thanks to the Quantum Mini LED, “Samsung guarantees high light intensity while maximizing contrast levels. With this technology, associated with Quantum dots, Samsung offers optimal colorimetry ”.

samsung mini led
Credit: Samsung

TVs ready for the PS5 and Xbox Series X

In other words, integrating a very large number of Quantum Mini LEDs should reduce glare by providing more efficient backlighting. In addition, these TVs will offer a “Game Bar ”, providing quick access to key settings (refresh rate, aspect ratio, etc.) to enjoy the best performance on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Of course, these TVs will have several HDMI 2.1 ports. In fact, gamers will be able to enjoy 4K at 120 Hz, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) or low latency mode, and Enhanced Audio Return Channel ( eARC) which offers better sound quality. In summary, all technologies allowed by HDMI 2.1.

In addition, the Neo QLED range will feature a new Infinity design, ie “a borderless screen offering an even more immersive visual experience ”. Samsung thus promises a body-to-screen ratio of 99%. These new Samsung 8K and 4K TVs will be available from the month of March 2021. The prices remain a mystery for the moment.

Source: The Verge