CES 2021: LG unveils invisible OLED TV screen for the home

LG is about to unveil its first transparent OLED screens. The new technology, on which the manufacturer has been working for several years, will be unveiled during CES 2021. And this time, it is indeed a project intended for commercialization in question, the objective being to install the screen in restaurants, subways, but also at home, and more particularly at the foot of the bed.

LG invisible oled screen

LG has been telling us about its invisible OLED screens for nearly four times. But so far, it was mostly a project, a proof of concept not intended for large-scale commercialization. The manufacturer has visibly finalized its technology, and will present some the first applications at CES 2021.

The very first application concerns the home: LG wants to market its transparent TV screens in order to install them in the bedroom, and more particularly at the foot of the bed. The Smart Bed combines both the bed and the OLED TV, which measures 55 ″. Information such as the weather can be provided and it is of course possible to watch films or television. If the device itself is not completely invisible, since it is provided with a frame. the screen can be detached from the bed, in order to be placed in another room.

LG’s transparent OLED screens want to take over homes, trains, planes and restaurants

Admittedly, this type of invisible screen can seem “gadget”, LG intends to market it and make it an essential device for the home or establishments. restaurants. The screen would then be placed between the customer and the chef: the menu and other content is displayed, while the client can continue to see the cook and interact with him. There are many applications for this type of screen. LG imagines, for example, that its screen replaces the cabin window of a Metro, so that ”its passengers can consult the route maps and local information, while enjoying the landscape outside. ”

The technology of invisible screens is not innovative in itself, but their coupling with OLED technology and their commercialization are for them a great first. And the result seems more convincing than with an LCD screen: if the latter offers a transparency of only 10% according to LG, the OLED screen benefits from a transparency level of 40%.

LG invisible oled screen

LG prides itself on being the only mass manufacturer of transparent OLED displays in the world. Other manufacturers like Panasonic, had also unveiled transparent OLED TVs (it was at IFA 2019), but without giving any follow-up. “Transparent OLED is a technology that maximizes the benefits of OLED, and demand is increasing in various fields, including areas of mobility such as shopping malls, architectural interiors, autonomous vehicles and airplanes,” said Jong-sun Park, executive director of business operations at LG Display.

LG’s OLED display will be showcased at CES 2021, which will open its virtual doors on January 11. LG promises to demonstrate this publicly and not privately, as it has been so far.

Source: LG Dispay