CES 2021: LG unveils a transparent and retractable screen

It was at CES 2021 that LG Display presented its new screens, including a very interesting prototype. The latter is indeed transparent and can be retracted into an opaque housing. For its demo, LG presents it as an object placed at the foot of the bed.


CES 2021 is off to a good start. In the current very particular context, we must forget the large show crammed with exhibitors of all kinds. In 2021, everything is done online! But that’s no reason for brands not to unveil interesting prototypes. This is the case of LG Display which presented a transparent and retractable screen.

LG’s prototype is an opaque case that encloses a transparent plate. This can come out of the box and is actually a 55 inch OLED panel. Here LG promises transparency up to 40%, which is much more than the previous LCD model which was at 10%.

A technology available to you

When the screen is retracted, we note the presence of a notch which allows you to display quick information, such as the weather. Likewise, it is possible to leave only a third of the screen in order to display, for example, the music which is currently being played via the device.

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LG demonstrates the capabilities of its prototype by using it at the foot of a bed. However, this technology can be used in a thousand ways. In the house, the housing can be moved as desired. In addition, this transparent screen technology can also be exploited in many other situations. LG presented a similar transparent plate a few days ago. The brand had put her in a situation in a Japanese restaurant, where the plate served as a separation between the cook and the customer. The latter could then see the menu displayed transparently while admiring the sushi master doing his work.

In both cases, they are prototypes not dedicated to the sale… for the moment. This technology could indeed democratize in the future and soon we may see transparent screens flourish in our cities. Sci-fi movies dreamed it up, LG is about to do it.