CES 2021: LG presents a gaming screen that flexes at will

LG will present a revolutionary display at CES 2021, which begins on January 11. This 48-inch screen is indeed able to bend at will, in order to adapt to watching videos or playing games. This screen will also use CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) technology, which will make it ultra thin.

Uncurbed screen
Credit: LG

CES 2021 will take place, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Obviously, it will not be like every year, the show being organized virtually. But that won’t stop brands from y present their new products, like their smartphones, screens, PCs or headsets. This is the case of LG, which is already unveiling one of its flagship products in its screen category.

The Korean brand has indeed announced in a press release that it will present in detail its new revolutionary screen. If it doesn’t have a name yet, it already has some cool features. It’s about a 48-inch OLED panel in 4K which can bend at will.

Thus, when the user watches a movie, the screen is flat. If he wants to launch a video game and enjoy a curved screen, all he needs to do is press a button and the product curves slightly, offering a curvature of 1000mm. The slab is also designed for the game, since it has 40Hz to 120Hz refresh rate. Certainly, we have already seen better elsewhere, but the particularity of this product is not really there. It also offers a response time, according to LG, of 1 ms.

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The screen features CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) technology, which allows it to create sound over the entire surface of the panel and thus be devoid of speakers. This technology has the big advantage of considerably reducing the thickness of the product, since the CSO slab is only 0.6 mm thick.

A screen for Sushi bars

In addition to this curved screen, LG unveiled a 55-inch transparent panel. Here, the builder imagines it being used in a sushi bar, where the customer can look at the menus while watching the cook prepare his dishes. A screen worthy of science fiction films which will however have to find a wider utility to seduce.

Sushi screen
Credit: LG