Reah Keem LG

CES 2021: LG launches its new products with a 100% virtual influencer

For its appearance at CES 2021, LG took the word “virtual” literally. The manufacturer has had its novelties detailed this year by Reah Keem, a virtual influencer totally created by the brand using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Reah Keem LG

If you doubted that one day we will all be replaced by machines, we invite you to watch the video at the end of the article. LG has just taken advantage of CES 2021 to unveil its latest innovation: a DJ / influencer / globetrotter all that is more virtual and who is called Reah keen. The character, who was used to present some of the brand’s products this year, wears a candy pink hoodie with the slogan “Stay Punk Forever”.

We could hear it say that travel was an important part of his life, and rail on the situation that prevents it from performing in concert halls around the world. Yes because Reah Keem has a real Soundcloud account, with real music (this last point is much more questionable…) as well as an Instagram account with 6000+ subscribers.

LG shows Reah Keem, its virtual influencer for the first time

And hop, Reah Keem goes smoothly about the day, the robot LG CLOi UV-C UV surface disinfector. The machine itself is no surprise since it had been announced a few weeks earlier. This involves letting a robot automatically irradiate surfaces with UV-C radiation to kill germs. The robot is intended primarily for public places such as hospitals and train stations. The digital influencer continues here again with a slightly rough but clever transition:

“Having said that it looks like it’s going to be a while before we can get back to concerts and parties. So by then I’m gonna call my studio and work on my videos and stuff ”, before turning to the latest LG Gram computers. The influencer praises the delicacy of its borders as well as the screen intended for image professionals.

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And the influencer to conclude “That’s all for me for now. But stay tuned, because next we have an exciting update from our beloved LF ThinQ. I’ll pass the antenna to you, Sam ”. LG has been making it known for several months that it is working on this type of virtual presence. This seems to be the first glimpse of it. Here is an excerpt from Reah Keem’s talk and performance:

Source: Engadget