CES 2021: here is MaskFone, an anti-covid mask with headphones and microphone for making calls

The MaskFone, the first Bluetooth sanitary mask against the coronavirus, has just been presented at CES 2021. Designed by Binatone, a British company based in Hong Kong, the mask allows its wearer to make phone calls and listen music for up to 12 hours straight. It is sold for $ 50.

maskfone bluetooth mask these 2021

Binatone, a Hong Kong-based telecommunications company, used CES 2021 to promote MaskFone, an amazing washable N95 sanitary mask equipped with bluetooth headphones. The mask “Combines protection, convenience and technology and embodies it all in one stylish, high-quality package”, details the British firm on its official website. A very different concept of the smart mask translates what you say into 8 languages ​​presented by a start-up last August.

Unlike other mouth masks against Covid-19, the Maskfone offers “a more convenient way to take phone calls and listen to music ”. The firm explains having integrated headphones and microphone in the mask fabric. As can be seen in the promotional images, the Bluetooth headphones come out of the Maskfone to reach the wearer’s ears.

The Maskfone, a $ 50 Bluetooth sanitary mask

Binatone promises 12 hours of audio calls or music listening with the Maskfone. “MASKFONE successfully eliminates the need to remove your mask” to make a phone call. You will no longer want to take off your mask while making a call since the microphone is slipped inside, the company promises.

On the right side of the mask, there are buttons to control the volume of the headphones. To recharge the mask, simply plug it into a power outlet or a computer via a USB cable. The Maskfone is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri. You can therefore send text messages by voice without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

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Binatone markets Maskfone priced at $ 49.99 in two different sizes. Obviously, it is more expensive than most of the coronavirus sanitary masks available on the market. What do you think of this innovation? We await your opinion in the comments below.