CES 2021: Asus unveils perfect PC display for PS5 and Xbox Series X

On the occasion of CES 2021, Asus presents a new PC screen: the ROG Swift PG32UQ. This monitor is aimed at gamers, but not necessarily only those on a computer, since it would be perfect for connecting one of the new game consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. Measuring 32 inches diagonally, it is 4K compatible, 144 Hz, HDR600 and G-Sync and HDMI 2.1.

Asus ROG Swift PG32UQ 1

Usually there is a schism in video games between PC gamers and console gamers. Some prefer the scalability and adaptability of computers. And others the simplicity of the console. Marketing managers for brands in electronics or IT use this situation to categorize their products, even if this is not always justified.

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Indeed, it is perfectly possible to connect a PC to a television, thanks to HDMI. And consoles can connect to a PC monitor. Because, in absolute terms, the characteristics of a game vary very little between the two types of platforms.

A PC screen cut for consoles

Here is a good example. On the occasion of CES 2021, Asus introduced a new PC display called ROG Swift PG32UQ. Since it is part of the ROG range, this monitor is obviously aimed at a gaming audience. It therefore benefits from all the essential characteristics for this practice, both in terms of fluidity, responsiveness and definition.

Clearly, this screen would have “the shoulders” to accommodate a next-gen console, whether it is Sony’s PS5 or Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (not to mention their respective digital versions). A perfect solution if you do not have the place (or the means) to host an HDMI 2.1 compatible TV at home (the minimum required to benefit from the 4K HDR @ 120 fps). You can also see it on the official visual that opens this article: Asus places the monitor there with the two consoles, one next to the other.

4K, HDR600, HDMI 2.1, G-Sync, 144 Hz…

Asus ROG Swift PG32UQ 2

What are the characteristics of this ROG Swift PG32UQ? This is a monitor of 32 inch diagonal which displays a 4K definition. The slab benefits from a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz, which is a slightly higher rate than the PS5 and Xbox Series X (120 Hz). The latency time is 1 ms.

It is of course HDR compatible (here HDR600), allowing it to display 160% of the sRGB sample and 98% of the DCI-P3 sample. Asus promises that the Delta E (that is to say the average difference between the colors displayed and the reference colors) is less than 2. That is a fairly high color fidelity.

It is compatible HDMI 2.1 (it has two ports for this) and DisplayPort 1.4. Its refresh rate is variable and it is compatible G-Sync. This means that the monitor will adapt to the frequency of devices that are connected and content that is displayed, whether from a console or a PC.

ROG Swift dates and prices have not been announced. The only official indication: the monitor would not arrive before the second quarter of 2021. We should therefore see it arrive in stores in the spring.