CES 2014: Okidokeys, the iOS compatible smart lock

Okidokeys - CES 2014 : Okidokeys, la serrure connectée compatible iOS

Okidokeys makes its appearance in the world of connected products for the home by bringing to the market a range of wireless door locks, which promise remote access, keys and a highly customizable configuration.

Like Kwikset’s Kevo lock, the Okidokeys solution is built around a central locking lock. The main unit, powered by a battery, fits into existing mechanisms, making installation of the device very simple.

Okidokeys - CES 2014: Okidokeys, the iOS compatible smart lock

Unlike most smart locks on the market today, the Okidokeys platform is compatible with multiple communication protocols, including Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and CAC technology (for Crypto Acoustic Credential). The system can also connect to the Web via a virtual network (Okidokeys Virtual network).

The virtual orders delivered with the system are pretty well thought out. They allow users to remotely lock / unlock from iOS and Android applications (using the Okidokeys network bridge), as well as what appears to be a web client.

Okidokeys is available from $ 179 for the locking unit, then the price goes up to $ 229 for the package including three smart bracelets, three magnetic cards, three keys, and a limited edition smartwatch.