CES 2012: iCade expands into three new models

CES 2012: iCade expands into three new models

Last year, the same period, manufacturer ION introduced iCade at CES in Las Vegas. It was a sort of arcade machine for the iPad that works with Bluetooth connectivity. This year, the manufacturer ION puts the cover back on the new edition of CES, it presents the expansion of its iCade now available in three new models: the iCade Mobile, the iCade Jr. (for junior) and the iCade Core.

The iCade Mobile presents itself as a GamePad and is intended for the iPhone or iPod touch. Operating under Bluetooth connectivity, it is somewhat inspired by the design of the Sony portable console: it has a left directional cross, four right buttons and two back buttons that will allow you to take control over compatible iOS games. The accessory comes with two AA batteries and will be sold for $ 80 (~ 62).

TheiCade Jr. uses the same design as its big brother but is offered in smaller proportions to be compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. Designed to be held with both hands, this small terminal incorporates 4 front buttons and 4 at the back. It will be sold at a price of $ 50 (~ 39).

Finally,iCade Coreis a gamepad with 8 buttons for the iPad. Its price is not yet known.

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