CES 2012: Apple employees incognito

CES 2012: Apple employees incognito

Apple may not have a booth at CES, but some of its employees are not strolling around the show. Several people are rumored to have been noticed, including Greg Joswiak, the vice president of one of the company's many departments.

According to several sources, some Apple employees were seen at the CES fair which is currently taking place in Las Vegas. Greg Joswiak, Vice-President of iPod, iPhone and iOS marketing, would have been seen on the Sony stand looking at what the competition is offering. He replied to the PaidContent site that he was there to "see how companies promote their products an event like CES".

For years, Apple has stopped going to any trade show, preferring by far to take care of preparing its own events to be the center of attention. A technique that Microsoft has just taken over since the big competitor of Apple had announced a few days ago that it would be its last CES. It remains to be seen whether the Apple employees present on site are there for their own pleasure, to spy on the competition a little or to lead the field in order to return to the ranks in the coming years …

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Source: 9to5Mac