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CES 2012: a camera filming 360 for the iPhone

CES 2012: a camera filming 360 for the iPhone

At CES in Las Vegas, the American firm GoPano presented its new camera allowing 360 filming from an iPhone.

The EyeSee360 accessory sells for $ 80 (~ 62) and looks like a case to place on Apple's smartphone. This one has a kind of cone on the top which incorporates a lens which will restore the images captured directly through the iPhone camera. The user will guide the camera to the desired field at an angle of 360.

The recorded videos are 1280 X 304 pixels for the iPhone 4 and 1920 x 456 pixels for the iPhone 4S. The accessory works in pair with an iPhone application which will allow you to share the videos recorded on the GoPano site, but it is however possible to transfer the video clip to your computer.

GoPano's EyeSee360 can be ordered from the manufacturer's website.

We discuss it on the forum.

Demonstration video: