Cdiscount launches a peer-to-peer sales site to compete with Leboncoin and Vinted

Cdiscount in turn launches into the sale of second-hand products between individuals. The group today unveils Cdiscount Occasion, its platform that promises to connect 10 million people. High-tech, video games, crafts, toys, fashion, books … Many items can be exchanged through the site.

Cdiscount Used

Cdiscount is definitely on all fronts. After mobile plans, travel and even mutual funds, the group is entering the field of sale between individuals. Cdiscount Occasion: this is the name of this new site put online today and developed in partnership with Place2Swap. This start-up, which has notably worked alongside Veepee, is specialized in the creation of platforms for resale or exchange of second-hand goods.

It is a new strategic activity that we are developing by offering our customers the opportunity to sell and buy second-hand products with each other ”, said Emmanuel Grenier, boss of the firm. “Cdiscount Occasion is a new illustration of our commitment to a responsible digital model […] and is part of our historical involvement in all circular and responsible economy systems […] The last step is to allow individuals to empty their attic“.

A model modeled on that of Vinted

All types of products can thus be sold on the platform: high-tech, video games, DIY, toys, fashion, books… According to Cdiscount, these are no less than 10 million customers who will be able to shop while saving money. In this way, the group joins the ranks of sites like Leboncoin and Vinted, already well established in the landscape of the exchange of second-hand items.

The operation of Cdiscount Occasion also resembles that of Vinted. Each member is assigned a personal wallet which is filled with each sale and which can be used to purchase other products. The platform does not yet have a delivery service like Leboncoin, so users will have to go through Mondial Relay and respect the limit of 30 kg for their packages. A commission of 5%, excluding delivery charges, is applied to each transaction, as well as a delivery service charge. € 0.70.