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Real tool kit, the application of Castorama will help you in your work. Despite some superfluous and not very successful features, it would be a mistake to miss this free application.

If there are applications to guide you in your paint color choices like Color Design, there are few that tell you how much is needed to repaint a room. ” Castorama facilitates your projects », As its name suggests, will do you a lot of service.

The most interesting feature of the application is called ” my calculators ” It will be possible to determine the quantity of materials necessary for your work. How much wire mesh is needed to make an enclosure around the garden? How much paint to repaint the kitchen? How many tiles for the bathroom? Terrace, fences, floors, walls, hood, heating, everything is there.

The interface is fairly intuitive, you must first choose the shape of the room, surface, work area, then specify the dimensions of the latter. It is then possible to add windows, doors or gates, the application then calculates the needs for paint, wallpaper, tiles, pavers or even screws!

The application also offers a wide variety of explanatory videos in the fields of works and decoration. It will also be possible to locate the points of sale closest to you. Castorama also supplied a spirit level, a barcode and QR-code scanner and access to the brand’s catalog.

Finally come two features that are, let’s face it, not yet fully developed. First of all ” My product tests », Which will display the products in the catalog on what your phone is filming, what could be described as primitive augmented reality, visually not very successful. Next comes a brand product recognition tool that is anything but functional.