Cases from the iPhone 5 unveiled?

Cases from the iPhone 5 unveiled?

The spare parts site,, prides itself on displaying its catalog tuit alleged to be specifically dedicated to the next iPhone. From their shape, we can see that the next iPhone could have great similarities with the current iPhone 4. According to the different openings observed on the cases, we can deduce, first of all, that the camera with LED flash, the micro-SIM location, the 3.5 mm jack connector and the ignition button, are all located in the same places. Then, the shape of the new machine would probably not be modified: the sides and the angles seem unchanged.

The week passes, the site iDealsChina claimed to have obtained information on the shape of the new machine.

Supported screenshots, the Asian site prided itself on presenting an iPhone 5 concept which, in turn, made one think that the next device clearly resembled the iPhone 4. There was only one difference, however: the present screen was now wider (4 ″?), approaching the edges of the device clearly.

Finally and as a reminder, the next iPhone should integrate an Apple A5 dual core processor (the same as that of iPad 2).

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